offerte lavoro roma – Social Media & Digital PR ? Internship

Lavoro Roma Azienda: P&Co. S.r.l.
Data pubblicazione: 21-12-2016
Descrizione: We will not bother you with a job description. We will not ask you for any special qualifications: you know how equipped your competitors are, so it?s up to you to let us know what?s special in your background. IF YOU THINK THAT P&Co.: -is a strategic consulting firm too much perceived as a communication agency; -has a great potential to become an influencer in the social media arena; -is made by a bunch of young talents deserving the chance to become known and to hit great business successes; -has a founder with a web reputation still not in line with his firm?s identity AND YOU THINK THAT: -you are the right person to shape powerful social media strategies; -your skills and abilities make you the perfect P&Co. teammate; -you feel at home in international environments, you are a curious geek and you love innovative ideas and digital stuff more than your boyfriend/girlfriend, THEN -it?s possible that you can run for an internship; -it?s possible that you complete the internship; -it?s […]

da Lavoro Roma

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